Consider this: what would happen if you took your car out on the open road. Then you just floored the accelerator and ran it at maximum speed and power and you just kept it there.....A typical production vehicle will do this for a minute or two, then it will self-destruct.

Many very good products require common sense and self control.

The C5 is a scientific instrument. It has not been “child-proofed”. It tries tokeep you safe and prevent you from destroying it, but remember that you purchased the C5 under the condition that you were to act like a responsible adult. Avoid the temptation to think that more power = more effectiveness.

There is no scientific or rational basis to think that MORE POWER makes PEMF work better. When properly designed, PEMF works at very low power.

If the C5 tells you it is in the danger zone, then it is too much. Tone it down a bit by reducing the power level.