Once RUNNING, press the BLUE (DOWN) button to view the status of the coils.

Four possible status indicators are shown:

  1.  OK 
  2. Short 
  3. No Coil 
  4. Over Temp    

  • You may have to PRESS and HOLD the BLUE button for one second or longer for this screen to come up.

  • This screen displays only what the C5 *thinks* is happening with the coils. This may not be reality. But it can be helpful.

  • The only way to tell for sure if the coils are working is to use the hexagonal coil test chip that comes with every Micro-Pulse system.

  • But this screen may be helpful to you as a quick check that the C5 system thinks everything is OK.

  • Keep in mind, these status indicators are based upon calculations of the coil voltages during operation. But this computation is complex and assumes things about what type of coil is being used, what your protocol is, and many other factors. So these status indications can be incorrect. Use your coil tester.

  • Here are the possible indications:

    • OK - this is what you should see most of the time. It means everything is OK.

    • Short - this usually means your coil is not pushed in far enough. Push it in.

    • No Coil - this usually means you do not have a coil plugged in, or a wire is broken.

    • Over Temp – This means the system thinks the internal temperature is getting too high

    • If the temperature is persistently too high, the C5 will warn you with a new screen, then it will flash the RED LED. Eventually the system will shut down the output power in an attempt to prevent damage. If you see this, try reducing the frequency or intensity.