Once RUNNING, you can press the YELLOW (UP) button to view the internal voltages and temperatures as shown:

  • You may have to PRESS and HOLD the YELLOW button for one second or longer for this screen to come up.

  • The voltage and temperature for each of the four channels is shown on each line.

  • This is only a snapshot. The numbers do not update continuously. You must press the YELLOW button again to see the numbers update.

  • NNN/MMM show the voltages immediately before and after each pulse on each channel. There is noise on the signal lines, so the voltages will vary. Do not panic and send emails if these numbers are slightly different from what you think they should be. They are an approximation and contain a lot of electronic noise. Their meaning is primarily in how they average and change over time, but this screen gives you a window into internal system operation.

  • The voltages to not include the decimal point, so NNN = NN.N volts, and MMM = MM.M volts

  • Temperature is in degrees Fahrenheit, also accurate only to +/- 4 F