A Note on Setting the Intensity Level
For some reason many people seem to think that more power results in faster or better effects. With Micro-Pulse ICES technology this is definitely not the case. Safety should be considered more important that speed. We find scientifically that more power DOES NOT yield better biological effects. Most people and clinicians agree. The most effective intensity setting is generally in the range of 8 to 10. Many people find that higher settings can actually cause irritation, and when they (finally) agree to turn the power down a bit, they almost always get much better results. The higher power settings are there if you need them, but 99% of people do not benefit from more power.

Powering Up

The C5 takes about 4 seconds to power up.
• First the Red and Green LED will switch ON for 1 second. This simply allows you to verify that the LEDs are working, and power is ON.

• Then the OLED screen will swipe WHITE, then BLACK. This is the OLED display resetting itself.

• Then you will see the first screen:

On this screen,

  •  The top line tells you the device hardware version: C5
  • The second line tells you the firmware revision date: 14 May 2017

  • The third line is a copyright statement.

  • The bottom line tells you which buttons are active for the current screen.

  • On this screen you can use 2 buttons:

    • WHITE = <NEXT> which means advance to the next screen

    • RED = <RUN> which means RUN NOW

If you do nothing, the C5 will continue on automatically to the next screen in 5 seconds, then on to AUTO RUN.

Adjusting Power

The next screen allows you to adjust the power.  

On this screen, all four switches are active: UP, DOWN, NEXT, and RUN

  • To INCREASE the power level, press the YELLOW button which means <UP>

  • To DECREASE the power level, press the BLUE button which means <DOWN>

  • WHITE = <NEXT> = go to next screen (Select Protocol)

  • RED = <RUN> = RUN NOW

If you do nothing, the C5 will continue on automatically to the next screen in 5 seconds.

During POWER UP is the only time you can adjust the power level.

  • To reset the power level, you must turn the C5 OFF, then ON again and wait for this screen which will display about 8 seconds after POWER UP. (Or you can press WHITE <NEXT> on the first screen to get straight to this screen without waiting)

  • There are 16 available power levels: 0 to 15

  • The current power level is displayed both as a number (0 to 15) and a “power bar”

  • Press the YELLOW button once for each level of power increase, BLUE once for each level of power decrease.

The third line on this screen tells you the currently selected protocol.

  • In this case, the protocol is the “C5”protocol. You can select a different protocol on the next screen.

Once you have adjusted the power level, you have four options:

  1. Press the WHITE button <NEXT> to go to next screen which allows you to SELECT the protocol that will run.
  2. Press the RED button <RUN> to jump straight to RUN NOW. The C5 will immediately begin running the selected protocol at the power level you set.
  3. If you do nothing, the C5 will continue automatically to the next screen in 5 seconds.  If you continue to do nothing, the C5 will AUTO RUN in about 10 seconds 
  4. You could just turn the C5 off.

No matter what you do, the C5 will remember the power level you just set and will return to that power level the next time you use the device.