Functions of Buttons when Programming

Yellow = UP increases a value or goes up one item on a list
Blue = DOWN decreases a value or goes down one item on a list 

White = NEXT goes to the next screen, one level deeper in complexity 

Red = RUN skip all screens and RUN THE PROTOCOL IMMEDIATELY

Rules of Thumb:

  • When you adjust the intensity (power) level, go to a protocol screen, or adjust a mode time, the C5 already sets the new value. You do not have to press a button to set it. If you see it, it is already set. So, if you go to the screen SELECT PROTOCOL – A9, then that automatically sets the protocol to A9 and the system remembers that setting until you change it again.

  • Once you have set the thing you want to set, just press the RED button to save all changes and RUN IMMEDIATELY.

  • If you make a mistake, power OFF, then ON, then start over.