• The Schumann protocols were developed in 2016 for the models B5, C5, and M1, at the request of numerous bio-hackers. Though many people find these protocols useful, I remain skeptical.

  • We have no scientific data supporting the use of these protocols.

  • But I could be wrong, and these are fun to play with and are in about the right range of frequencies to have biological effects.


Many people want to experiment with Schumann Resonances. While I do agree that these frequencies are within a biologically beneficial range for tissues, I do not think it is because they are exactly in resonance with the earth-ionosphere resonant cavity.

The model M1 will let you use the following Schuman Resonances:

  • First five harmonics: 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, 33.8 pps. Each Schumann setting adds one additional resonance to the programmed sequence. Schumann 1 has only 7.83 pps, Schumann 2 has 7.83 followed by 14.3 pps, and so on.

However, I could be wrong. I have been wrong in the past. So I will leave it to you to experiment with Schumann Resonances and decide for yourself how well they work for you.


  • For technical reasons, I remain skeptical that any PEMF products can resonate with the Schuman frequencies of the earth-ionosphere system.
  • That is not to say that these frequencies do not work well for PEMF, in fact they seem to work just fine, but in my opinion not for the reasons many people think.

My skepticism is based upon one opinion and two facts:

OPINION: The references on the Internet to Schumann Resonances in PEMF therapy were first putforward by marketers to lend credibility to their products. It sounds cool and “earthy”. But theseclaims are based upon fictitious “NASA” experiments that never happened. If you disagree, do not send angry emails claiming “NASA has published 2000 studies....” Just send me one study from NASAshowing that Schumann Resonance has a biological effect. Just a single one. Send the entire reference, not just a title or a link to a blank page. This is very easy to debunk. If I am mistaken, I will thank you.


  1. the phase of the earth-ionosphere Schumann wave is not detected by any PEMF system, because detection of Schumann resonances requires large and highly specialized equipment, so even at a precise Schumann frequency, commercial PEMF systems are just as likely to be in anti-resonance as in resonance. They could cancel, not resonate.
  2. Schumann frequencies vary slightly with changes in the earth-ionosphere cavity geometry, so even a precise non- phase-locked open-loop pulse generator will result in beat frequencies, where: fbeat = ( fsystem - fearth ) / 2. thus generating an amplitude modulation of much lower frequency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beat_(acoustics)