General Guidelines

Unless you are an experienced user, you should start with the default settings: 

Intensity = 9 

Protocol = B5-C5

If you want to change any settings, it is best to decide what you want BEFORE turning the device ON. The menu screens auto-start pretty quickly (after a 5 second delay) which is very convenient if you know what you want but very frustrating if you are trying to just surf through the menu options blindly. Decide what settings you want BEFORE starting up the device, then scroll to your settings quickly.You’ll be up and running in about 15 seconds.

Selecting an Intensity Level

This is not medical advice.
• We suggest you start with a power/intensity setting of 8 or 9.

• Higher power DOES NOT result in faster or better results.
• Most people respond best to a medium intensity setting.

Selecting a Protocol

The Micro-Pulse Model M1 allows self experimentation by responsible adults. It is not a marketing gimmick. 

We do not provide pre-programmed protocols to:

  • Enhance sleep
  • Amplify your brain power
  • Connect you with the Earth Mother Goddess Magically cure a specific disease
  • Magically heal a serious injury

While many commercially available PEMF systems make such claims, we believe most of these claims have limited or no scientific basis. On the other hand, some PEMF devices have been reported to have remarkably beneficial effects. Many of these effects have been reported in peer-reviewed scientific papers, some have been verified by independent certified testing laboratories, and the FDA has approved several PEMF systems as safe and effective, to be used by prescription. Micro-Pulse ICES products are NOT FDA approved for any use. The model M1 will allow you to experiment and explore these effects for yourself. The only miracles you should expect are the miracles of careful science.

Available Protocols

Standard ICES Protocols:

  • B5–C5
  • A9 original
  • P2 (SomaPulse, AllevaWave, ...)
  • Omni 8 (same as Omni 1, but not adjustable)

Schumann Resonances:

  • Schumann 1 (7.83 pps)
  • Schumann 2 (7.83, 14.3 pps)
  • Schumann 3 (7.83, 14.3, 20.8 pps)
  • Schumann 4 (7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 pps)
  • Schumann 5 (7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, 33.8 pps)

Sub-threshold continuous TMS modes:

  • scTMS 10pps 30 minutes
  • scTMS 10pps 60 minutes

Constant Frequency (continuous):

  • 1 pps
  • 2 pps
  • 3 pps
  • 4 pps
  • 5 pps
  • 10 pps

CNS/cortex wave patterns:

  • alpha wave entrainment
  • beta1 wave (low range)
  • beta2 wave (mid range)
  • beta3 wave (high range)
  • delta wave
  • theta wave
  • mu wave
  • SMA wave
  • gamma wave

Standard ICES Protocols (with 5 min REST):

  • B5–C5 (with 5 min REST)
  • A9 original (with 5 min REST)
  • P2 (with 5 min REST)
  • Omni 8 (with 5 min REST)

This is the built-in protocol list for the model M1, listed in order from top to bottom.

The default protocol when you first use your model M1 is the first “B5-C5”, but you can scroll down the list bypressing the white button while on the SELECT PROTOCOL screen.

When you have scrolled to the bottom of the list, the device cycles back to the top of the list to begin again.

When you see the protocol you want on the screen, press the RED button < SET >.

The device will remember your most recent setting the next time you turn the power ON.