There are two options for powering the model M1:

  1. Use a camcorder battery compatible with type DLI88. There are many options available for batteries and charger kits.
  2. Use a USB mini-B cable

NOTE: The power switch selects the power source: USB or battery. The opposite position is equivalent to OFF.

To turn the device OFF, either the USB or the battery must be removed. Otherwise the device will power from one or the other depending upon the switch position. When either power source is disconnected, the corresponding switch position = OFF

It is OK to run the battery until it is completely drained, but it should then be recharged immediately or as soon as possible.

You may remove the battery or the USB power at any time without damaging the device.

If the device loses power, when power is restored it will begin with the last setting for intensity and protocol that was set by the user.